When King Oren starts killing off the supernatural race, his last remaining prisoners must work together to bring him down and save their population. Will you stand by our side and join the fight, or will you give up and go into the darkness?
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 Species Info

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Nicholas Johnson

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PostSubject: Species Info   Mon Oct 14, 2013 9:41 pm

Available Species:

A supernatural creature from heaven, almost like a spirit.
Abilities: Healing, Taking over another persons body, Changing appearances, fighting, hand to hand combat
Only way to be killed: Head cut off
Weaknesses: Heaven, Someone threatening Jesus
Common Traits: Brown or green eyes
Rare Traits: Blue or Silver eyes

A human being who has the ability to shift into ANY ANIMAL
Abilities: Shifting into any animal, healing faster and quicker, better senses, stronger
Common Traits: Eye color changing according to mood, short tempered, long canines visible when mad
Weakness: Saline Shot (Prevents them from being able to shift for 12 hours)

Tiger Shifter:
A human being who can only shift into a tiger or a wolf
Abilities: quicker healing, better senses, stronger, faster,
Common Traits: Eye color changing according to mood, short tempered,
Rare traits: Blind, Disease in blood causing them not to be able to shift, white fur (if tiger)
Weaknesses: Full moon (their animal takes full control and they crave one thing...Blood)

An immortal being who drinks blood
Abilities: Inhuman speed, strength and hearing
Common traits: Never sleeps, red, gold or black eyes, can only go two weeks without feeding
Rare Traits: Blind, Eye colors not mentioned, going longer than two weeks without feeding and still being healthy, Only drinks animal blood
Weaknesses: Blood,
Only way to be killed: Ripped apart and burned

A human who can turn into a wolf
Abilities: Immense strength, hearing, speed, sight and smell
Common Traits: Mood changing eye color, short tempered,
Rare Traits: Never changing eye color, not being able to shift
Weaknesses: Saline shot

Please do not choose any other species, nor abilities, common traits, rare traits and weaknesses. You can only have one common trait, and one rare trait (if there is any for that species). EVERYONE MUST POST THE SAME WEAKNESSES I HAVE WRITEN.

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Species Info
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