When King Oren starts killing off the supernatural race, his last remaining prisoners must work together to bring him down and save their population. Will you stand by our side and join the fight, or will you give up and go into the darkness?
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 General Rules

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Nicholas Johnson

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PostSubject: General Rules   Mon Oct 14, 2013 9:30 pm

Normal Rules:

1. Be respectful at ALL TIMES

2. Be ready: This role-play is very realistic and some of the hitting and kicking and fighting the guards and prisoners do to each other can get violent. Just be realistic, you can't kill someone in one punch and it has to be someone who actually is roleplaying that your directing it towards.

3. Be reasonable, if your character is mad with another character in role-play, keep it in the rp-ing and not on the chat box.

4. IF someone you have a problem with is on the chat box, simply don't join in. This site needs to stay drama free and it can't if people are constantly bickering back and forth.

5. Be truthful out of Rp like in the chat box, contests, games, etc.

6. You can only have one character for right now, second characters will be discussed later.

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General Rules
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